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Security Camera Installation NYC

Security Camera Installation entails the setup and placement of surveillance cameras in strategic locations to monitor and record activities, enhancing security and providing visual evidence for crime prevention and investigation purposes.

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Safeguard your property from any criminal activity

If you want to upgrade the security of your property and enhance your quality of life, you should consider investing in integrated security services. From deterring crime to helping you keep an eye on your property, video surveillance is an essential part of any security detail. Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, is a security system that can record any criminal behavior that is occurring on your property. CCTV surveillance systems are one of the most effective forms of security as they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they act as a deterrent to any criminal or deviant activity, but they also record any crime committed, which makes identification of the perpetrator easier. Top Notch Locksmith & Security can help you install a CCTV surveillance system at your property, enabling you to gain access to visual feedback of your property at all times.

At Top Notch Locksmith & Security, we can help you choose the exact security surveillance system that fits your needs. We offer comprehensive video surveillance solutions ranging from a variety of cameras and DVR recorders to monitors and file storage systems. Our highly skilled technicians offer a complete surveillance setup experience from installation to ensuring that everything is integrated together properly. Moreover, our customer support staff will also provide you with basic training so that you can fully operate and benefit from your surveillance system. Whether you require an elaborate surveillance system that spans several factories or a discreet CCTV security system for your house, any system can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

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CCTV security cameras

Top Notch Locksmith & Security offers a wide range of surveillance equipment, all sourced from reputed manufacturers. You can choose between different cameras, each with its own specialty, to find one that aligns with your needs.

Night vision cameras

Equipped with infrared technology, night vision cameras are perfect for safeguarding your property against the perils of nighttime. These cameras are the ideal choice to safeguard areas that do not receive enough light but are vulnerable during the night. While nighttime cameras are not a complete security plan on their own, they are a great addition to make your surveillance system more effective.

Outdoor cameras

Designed specifically for the outdoors, these cameras are encased in a strong casing which enables them to withstand the effect of harsh outdoor elements without experiencing any wear and tear. Outdoor cameras can function seamlessly in rough circumstances, including rainstorms, humidity, or extreme temperatures. Due to their rugged nature, these are mostly used outside shopping malls and warehouses.

Network cameras

These cameras are the most popular choice for surveillance feeds owing to their versatile nature. Network cameras transmit live video feeds to any wireless device of your choice, including your smartphone. This means that you can use network cameras to keep an eye on your staff or monitor your property even if you are miles away. These security cameras are best to integrate into an existing surveillance system to make the inside of your property even safer.

Dome cameras

Perfect for indoor usage, the dome cameras provide an unfettered view of your surroundings. These cameras can rotate in any direction, allowing them to offer a wide line of vision with 360-degree visibility. Owing to their sleek appearance, dome cameras are the least intrusive cameras and often go unnoticed but provide the maximum level of security to wherever they are mounted.

Commercial CCTV surveillance systems

From large-scale factories and warehouses to private offices, CCTV surveillance systems are beneficial for everyone in the commercial sector. They act as a visual deterrent to crime and prevent external threats such as intruders, break-ins, and theft. CCTV security systems also help manage internal threats and allow you to monitor your employees without having to be physically present in your office. Moreover, the recorded footage is a visual historical record of all the activity on your property, saving you from the danger of fraudulent employee claims.

Residential CCTV surveillance systems

While some people may not understand the need for a residential CCTV surveillance system, they can prove to be quite useful in safeguarding your private property. Residential surveillance systems can be used to monitor external threats like break-ins and theft, helping to identify and catch any perpetrators in case of an unfortunate incident. Moreover, they can also be used to monitor home staff, including nannies and housekeepers, to ensure that your house keeps running smoothly in your absence.

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Steps In Our Locksmith & Security Process

Assessment and Consultation

Client contacts the locksmith with their issue or requirement, such as being locked out, needing a lock repaired, or wanting to install new locks.


Service Execution

Once the assessment is complete and the client agrees to proceed, the locksmith carries out the necessary service.

Completion and Payment

After completing the service to the client's satisfaction, the locksmith ensures everything is functioning correctly.

Reviews & Rating From Our Customers In NYC, NY

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Dave And Laura A. Manhattan, NY

"Extremely Helpful"
Came in here to get one copy of a key made. I knew this place had good reviews but I was still surprised by the outstanding level of service! Henry came to take my order promptly and, handed me two key copies and told me it was free of charge. Exemplary service and would definitely recommend!

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Morgan M. Cleveland, OH

"Amazing and reasonable price"
Ivan is amazing! We called and he was there within a moment. From there, he was able to fix the lock and guarantee it wont happen in the future by installing a high security lock with a unlocking feature for a reasonable price

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Stella C. Fresh Meadows, NY

"Excellent Service"
Very excellent service from dispatch to the guy coming to our site. The dispatcher gave me clear and concise information and my guy was here on time and if he was a minute late he notified me about his status. Last night, he installed a lock and silly of us we locked ourselves out. I had told him about it and he followed up with me and came straight back to me the same night to fix our lock.

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Tessa T. New York, NY

"Professional and Sort time"
5 stars, hands down. I had the most enjoyable visit to Top Notch Security. I misplaced my keys and Quiana, who is an absolute angel, solved my problems with ease and grace in a matter of moment for a phenomenal rate. Definitely coming back for all of my key/security troubles and referring all of my friends.

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Matthew L. Chapel Hill, NC

"Best locksmith and Key service "
This is the best locksmith and key service in New York City. Alan has helped me out of two emergency situations where he was able to unlock padlocks that I had lost my keys for. His business is really top notch and services everything that you could need for surveillance and security. I fully recommend his services.

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