Level up the security at your home or business

Intercom systems are a great way to spruce up the security at your home or office building. They allow you to have complete control over who can enter your property, giving you unparalleled peace of mind. Top Notch Locksmith & Security helps you install intercom systems at any property, enabling you to amplify your security, simplify door access control and make the process of visitor management easier. We specialize in installing, troubleshooting, and repairing intercom systems. Our trained staff will help you choose an intercom system that fits the size of your establishment and addresses all your problems. Regardless of your concerns, Top Notch Locksmith & Security is sure to come up with a viable solution that satisfies all your needs.

Intercom systems allow administrators to remotely interact with the visitors at the door. Any visitor can press a button on the intercom to sound the buzzer and talk to the administrator. Meanwhile, administrators authenticate the identity of the guests via voice or video and decide if they should be allowed to enter. These features are extremely valuable in commercial buildings, warehouses, and residential buildings as they help screen visitors and protect against unauthorized intruders and trespassers. To make your property more secure, reach out to Top Notch Locksmith & Security and install an intercom system.

Intercom installation services

From installation to maintenance and repair, our wide array of services cater to all your intercom needs.

Commercial and residential intercom installation

Choose between different intercoms to select one for your home or office.


Update your security system by investing in a newer intercom model.

Monitor unit

Add a visual unit to your intercom for access to a real-time video feed.

Residential intercom systems

Your need for an intercom system in your home depends on the size and location of your property and your personal needs. If you live in an apartment building with unfettered access or in a relatively large and remote property, you are likely to be prone to trespassers, theft, and break-ins. An intercom service creates boundaries for your home, allowing you to have complete control over who gains entry to it. If used in conjunction with a security camera, you can view the person and confirm their identity before letting them enter your property. For a safe and affordable intercom system installation, reach out to the professionals at Top Notch Locksmith & Security.

Commercial intercom solutions

While intercom systems can be adapted to property of any size, they are most viable in a more commercial setting. Not only do intercom systems make security protocols better, but they also make them more efficient and effective. The ability to screen visitors from the comfort of your desk is nothing short of perfect for receptionists or office workers. With an intercom system, your managers or employees can easily grant access to authorized personnel with nothing but a push of a button. The presence of an intercom system reassures you that no one can enter your property without getting proper clearance.

Pick the right intercom system

With several options to choose from, all with different features and price points, you are sure to find an intercom system that is perfectly aligned with your needs. Some intercom systems only transmit audio, enabling you to rely only on verbal communication of credentials. However, more sophisticated intercom systems also have video capabilities that accommodate video recording to ensure more scrutiny and better protection. Based on the security level you require, our technicians and supporting staff can help you find an intercom system that fits both your needs and your budget.

Certified installation technicians

With a decade of experience under our belt, our Top Notch Locksmith & Security are capable of dealing with any intercom system you choose. Whether you need a new system installed or an old system repaired, our certified technicians are the perfect choice to handle your intercom. Our skilled security staff has years of experience in installing a wide range of intercoms, ranging from simpler one-way audio entry systems to more complex digital systems. One call from you and our experts will be on their way to make your intercom installation or repair a seamless experience.

Find the perfect fit

Our technical team includes an assessment officer that evaluates your property to guide you on your needs. They can help you pick out a model based on not only your needs and budget but also your future requirements. This ensures that your intercom system will last you longer, making it a wise investment instead of something you will have to replace in a few years. Reach out to our mobile assistance team for an onsite inspection and consultation that will lead you to a hassle-free installation and repair process.

Intercom repair services

While most security professionals can install a new intercom system, not many possess the expertise to repair an existing system. At Top Notch Locksmith & Security, our technicians are well versed in the mechanics of any intercom device. From older outdated models to newer launches, we have the tools and technicians to repair them all. However, if your intercom device is completely unusable, our security consultants can help you find a new system that not only suits your needs but also fits your budget.

Mobile assistance

The mobile assistance team at Top Notch Locksmith & Security makes your transition to an intercom system seamless and hassle-free. Just one call, and you can gain access to a fully integrated intercom system without ever leaving your property. From property assessment to installation and repair, our mobile team has both the technology and the expertise to handle everything from start to finish.

Customer support 24/7

Top Notch Locksmith & Security offers around-the-clock customer service that is tailored to match your exact needs. Whether it’s 2 am or a holiday, our customer support staff is available around the clock to answer all your queries and direct you to the concerned departments. From commercial projects to residential security issues, we treat each project with the same care and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every customer who walks through our doors.

Get a consultation from our experts

If you are confused about your exact needs and think you will benefit from a professional assessment, look no further than Top Notch Locksmith and Security. Whether you need locksmith services or a security overhaul, Top Notch Locksmith and Security is fully equipped to provide you with the advice, products, and services that meet your exact needs. You can reach out to us at any time to learn how to make your residential or commercial space safe and secure, so you can have the ultimate peace of mind.