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Nothing makes a property more vulnerable than doors that do not seem secure. While most burglars do not enter through a door, it is still one of the first telltale signs of weakness. Sturdy doors, reinforced with surveillance systems, exude the aura of safety. A commercial-grade security door will act as a visual deterrent, alerting thieves and robbers that this building is off-limits for any criminal behavior. Top Notch Locksmith & Security provides a comprehensive solution to all your door-related needs. From sourcing a commercial-grade door to installing it at your property, our seasoned technicians can handle it all with ease.

At Top Notch Locksmith & Security, we offer a comprehensive array of commercially viable door options that address all your concerns regarding doors, gates, and other related hardware. From automatic doors to hollow metal doors, our security consultant can visit your property to help you choose the best option that aligns with all your needs. Regardless of your location, the size of your business, or your budget, Top Notch Locksmith & Security is sure to have something that aligns with your personalized needs. One call from you and our mobile assistance team will make their way to you to facilitate your transition to a new door system.

Complete service package

Get all your door-related needs fulfilled under one roof at Top Notch Locksmith & Security.

Commercial doors

Choose from a wide variety of commercial doors to find the perfect option that suits your needs.

Aluminum doors

Invest in robust but light aluminum doors for a sleek but reinforced door system,

Automatic doors

Replace manual doors with fully automated door systems and door operators

Fireproof doors

Protect your commercial estate from fire with fire-rated steel doors, frames, and other related hardware

Door parts

Replace any faulty equipment, ranging from door closers and hinges to commercial pivot hinges.

Commercial door installation and repair

For a commercial enterprise, doors are so much more than just a way to enter. They are the first thing any visitor notices about your business. Several customers and clients can make snap judgments about your business based on the sort of aesthetic your door aligns with. This means that your door should not only be robust and secure but should also align with your brand image. Top Notch Locksmith & Security is the best choice for installing and repairing commercial doors. We offer reliable and efficient door installation and repair services all through the five boroughs, helping New York residents deal with all their door-related problems.

Magnetic lock systems

A magnetic lock system, also known as a Maglock, is the perfect addition to your commercial door system. Maglocks can be used in both exterior and interior doors in a wide variety of commercial facilities, including offices, hotels, and warehouses. Magnetic locks are extremely robust and designed to counter a force of 300 LB to 1800 LB. The durable properties of magnetic lock systems make them the perfect choice for fire doors as they can withstand a staggering amount of pressure without failing. Top Notch Locksmith & Security has a wide variety of magnetic lock systems that can be installed at your property at just a call’s notice

Smart Lock

Take your security protocol to the net level by incorporating Smart locks in your door systems. A smart lock is an electromechanical device that can be controlled remotely to perform functions like locking and unlocking. A smart lock is integrated into an authorized device via a wireless protocol which enables you to control the door operations without being physically present. Smart locks can also send you alerts to report any critical events like a forced entry so you can alert the relevant authorities promptly and safeguard your property as soon as possible. Top Notch Locksmith & Security enables you to install Smart locks on your existing doors or upgrade your door systems entirely.

Integration with surveillance equipment

While a reinforced door can act as a great deterrent to crime, this effect can be further compounded by integrating the door with other surveillance equipment. For instance, incorporating an access control management system or an intercom system with a door can make your commercial building safer than ever before. Our expert security consultants at Top Notch Locksmith & Security can offer an evaluation of your property to guide you in the perfect concoction of surveillance equipment that will offer maximum coverage and protection to your property.

Skilled installation technicians

Our employees are regularly trained to ensure that they are fully up to date with contemporary industry practices and have the capability of installing and repairing any door and related hardware. Whether you need to get your old door repaired or need a brand new one installed, our skilled technicians can cater to all your needs. Our mobile assistance team has access to the best tools and training so that they can help you seamlessly transition to a new door system without any major inconveniences.

Emergency repair services

Nothing leaves your property more vulnerable than a malfunctioning door. To prevent you from facing any unfortunate incidents, like break-ins or theft, Top Notch Locksmith & Security offers around-the-clock emergency repair services. Our mobile assistance team will travel to your location and assess your situation to make sure you get the timely attention you deserve. Regardless of the time and date, whenever you need us, our mobile assistance team will be there to repair or replace your commercial door to ensure that your property remains safe and sound. Moreover, our customer support helpline is fully functional around the clock to answer any additional queries that may arise. 

Get a consultation from our experts

If you are confused about your exact needs and think you will benefit from a professional assessment, look no further than Top Notch Locksmith and Security. Whether you need locksmith services or a security overhaul, Top Notch Locksmith and Security is fully equipped to provide you with the advice, products, and services that meet your exact needs. You can reach out to us at any time to learn how to make your residential or commercial space safe and secure, so you can have the ultimate peace of mind.