Upgrade the protection for your home or business

If you want to restrict access to your property and elevate its safety, installing an access control system is the best way forward. At Top Notch Locksmith & Security, we offer complete security solutions, from installing an access control system and setting its controls to management and repair protocols. You can call our security experts for an in-depth evaluation of your property so you can properly assess both your current and future security needs. We offer a comprehensive service plan which includes installation, upgradation, and 24/7 support to ensure that your access control system continues running smoothly.

Installing an access control system helps you filter out the people who can gain entry into your property and enable you to restrict access. Instead of leaving your property unattended or relying on manual keys, access control systems allow you to monitor your property remotely, allowing you to grant and revoke access whenever you choose. Based on the type of access control system you choose from Top Notch Locksmith & Security, you will be able to restrict access based on key cards, entry codes, or fingerprint information. This will automatically amplify the security at your property, allowing only authorized personnel to gain entry to your location.

Access control options

We offer a wide selection of access control systems to cater to a diverse array of needs

Biometric access

Allow people to enter the building based on a biometric scan of their finger.

Keypad access

Use a PIN number to regulate who gains access to your building.

Card access

Only those who have an activated keycard will be able to enter your building.

Access control system installation in NYC

Top Notch Locksmith & Security offers several different types of access control systems for varying needs. From residential buildings to commercial and industrial properties, our wide array of access control systems is sure to have something that fits your exact needs. With a decade of experience in planning, configuring, and installing security systems, we understand the importance of feeling secure in your home and office. Controlling who enters and exits your building gives you a sense of peace and security that improves the quality of your life. Our security experts can visit your property to guide you on what type of access control system best suits your security needs.

Highest degree of security

Access control systems offer the highest possible level of security to your home or office, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. An access control system is a security management system that relies on technological prowess to not only mitigate potential risks via deterrence but also handle any security breaches by limiting access. An access control system allows access only via a programmed keycard, key fob, or keypad, making it completely inaccessible for unauthorized personnel. On account of their highly technical nature, access control systems greatly reduce the risk of theft, break-ins, or trespassing.

Integration with other security systems

To take your security protocol to the next level, you can reach out to Top Notch Locksmith & Security for a security plan that integrates the use of several technologies and equipment. We provide state-of-the-art access control systems that can easily be integrated within your current system, or we can customize an entirely new security setup for your needs. You can add a CCTV system or a buzzer system to further amplify the effect of your access control system. Our security assessment officer can come to your location to help you build a personalized security plan that caters to your exact needs.  

Commercial access control systems

While some homes use access control systems, the best use for them lies in the commercial sector. Access control systems do not only make your property safer but also make it easier for you to monitor your employees. Instead of collecting keys from previous employees or ordering duplicate sets for newly hired people, you can just install an access control system that is easily programmable. Remote access systems make it easy to revoke access for anyone at any time. Instead of following complicated security protocols, access control systems make everything easier via a single programmable card.

Complete security solutions

Today’s business landscape is threatened not only by external predators but also by internal threats. Internal losses can mean not only monetary losses but also losses from intellectual property thefts. Growing a company leaves you vulnerable as you are not physically present to oversee the day-to-day operations. Access control systems allow you to limit access to certain sensitive areas so that unauthorized personnel is unable to gain entry. We can help you limit entry to specific areas by only allowing entry to authorized keycards, allowing you to monitor and track activity in your entire facility without having to be present there physically. Access control systems enable timely detection, staff verification, comprehensive coverage, and remote controls. Choose Top Notch Locksmith & Security to meet all your security and protection needs.

Our guarantee

At Top Notch Locksmith & Security, we consider our word to be our most valuable asset. When you put your trust in us, we guarantee that your security decisions will give you peace of mind. Our access control systems come with a performance guarantee to make sure that your security system performs its task efficiently and effectively. Our satisfaction and service guarantee ensures that regardless of which service you choose, the trained technicians and support staff at Top Notch Locksmith & Security will make sure that all your needs are catered to. If you decide to choose Top Notch Locksmith & Security to install your access control system in nyc, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands.

Get a consultation from our experts

If you are confused about your exact needs and think you will benefit from a professional assessment, look no further than Top Notch Locksmith and Security. Whether you need locksmith services or a security overhaul, Top Notch Locksmith and Security is fully equipped to provide you with the advice, products, and services that meet your exact needs. You can reach out to us at any time to learn how to make your residential or commercial space safe and secure, so you can have the ultimate peace of mind.